Ariston Water Heaters

The Ariston FAST EVO 11 ONT B is a water heater of gas with electronic ignition system batteries that has an output of between 8.5 and 19 kW and a nominal flow 11 l/min.

Fast Evo B is the new gas heater Ariston cells.

It has a single control for temperature control of DHW caiente and LED indicator Low battery and error.

Electronic FAST EVO heaters only consume gas when operating and thus save up to 38% compared with pilot flame heaters. The thermostatic modulation also makes them more efficient compared to other electronic heaters.

Electronic thermostatic modulation for precise control and high temperature stability
Compatible with solar installations
Electronic ignition with battery saving gas by up to 38%
A single control temperature settings for easier use
Works with a minimum water pressure of 0.1 bar
Maximum safety with smoke sensors, water and flame detector

Technical Data
Ariston FAST EVO 11 ONT B
Category II2M3+
Minimum/maximum heat output 9.5 / 21.5 kW
Minimum/maximum output 8,5 / 19 kW
ACS specific flow (ΔTª 25ºC) 11 l/min
Minimum water flow rate 2 l/min
Minimum 0.1 bar water pressure
Electronic ignition with battery
Power supply 2x1, 5V LR20
Fuel Natural Gas / Propane (LPG) / Butane
Protection Index X4D
Dimensions (H x W x D) 580 x 310 x 230 mm
Weight 8.9 kg