Air Purifier

Air purifier

APU-quality purifier brand Daitsu DA300 offers quintuple filtration, high performance air ionizers and other premium features such as. Remote, quiet night mode or timer. Thanks to its filtration system can effectively remove airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses, dust, harmful gases, smoke, odors and helps prevent allergies.

Allergy: 30 m 2
normal operation: 15 m 2 - 41 m 2 (in turbo mode)
Max. air output 300 m³ / h

Three speed modes: low, high and turbo function (for fast cleaning of the space)
SLEEP mode for undisturbed sleep
automatic detection of air pollution with dust and odor sensor - purifier itself evaluate air pollution and sets the mode as needed
effective cleaning element - catalytic decomposition catalyst with a cold. It can quickly remove odors and does not cause secondary pollution.
filter change indicator - highlights the need to replace filters
filter cleaning indicator - highlights the need to clean the filters and their components
odor sensor - can distinguish the smell of cigarettes or pets, and is also very sensitive to pesticides, cosmetics, aerosols, alcohol and other odors or sudden changes in temperature and humidity.
a plasma generator and negative ions - produced plasma can kill bacteria. Negative ions refresh the air.

Silver ion antibacterial and antifungal prefilter . Liquidates different kinds of bacteria. It is washable and does not lose its functionality.
cotton filter -sou?ástí cotton filter cold catalyst that increases the effect of the HEPA filter and HIMOP. It has a strong catalytic effect. It can quickly remove odors and does not cause secondary pollution.

HIMOP filter - has a unique function of absorption, disperses and absorbs dangerous substances, eg. Formaldehyde in low concentrations.

Highly efficient HEPA filter - capable of 99% efficiency filter out airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns (bacteria, dead mites, dust etc.), and quickly restore the purity of the air in the room.
The activated carbon filter - New type filters with conductive carbon containing specially activated carbon which has a high adsorption capacity and is able to thoroughly remove harmful gases, such as ammonia, acetic acid, and the like.

Ionizáto r - releases clusters of ions and effectively destroyed the bacteria in the air (creating 1,200,000 - 1,400,000 ions per 1 cm3 - Turbo function)